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Energy, Waste, Water, and Conservation Efficiencies

AAA Marlin Motel is on 1 1/2 acres which has been planted in over 100 native trees and shrubs, as well as 30 non certified organic citrus trees. The gardens have been designed with a mix of bark and river stones to replicate the terrain of the region; being the native bush and river beds, and plenty of lawns. This is also replicated with the native plantings, contrasted with the renowned grapes and olives of the region.
Bellbird: Bellbird in Manuka Tree Native species include: Kowhai, Punga, Flax, Pittosporum, Kohuhu, Mapou, Tarata, Karo, Manuka, Kakabeak, NZ Iris, Ti Kouka (NZ Cabbage Tree), Karaka , Rimu, Horoeka (Lancewood), Miro , and Akeake chosen for their ability to attract birds [especially Tuis, Bellbirds, Tauhou (silvereyes) and the occasional Kereru (native wood pigeon)], provide fragrance and colour, and for the noise reduction as some species become hedging. Citrus includes: Lemons, Lemonade, Lime, Grapefruit, and Uglifruit. Whilst the grapevines are in the main the Malbec; a grape used in winemaking, yet sweet to eat.

To maintain and grow these we undertake our own composting, shredding garden waste, and mulching our lawns. We have started to plant our own native seedlings, and always choose only those plants suitable for our own climatic conditions. As a weather wise garden, water is supplied only to establish new plants, using the regime of watering well occasionally to establish good root systems, because as soon as they are established, they are left to the rain to be their watering system. Pots and citrus are watered from recycled water, with the citrus receiving the added benefit of used wash water to keep the leaves clean and bug free.

For the past eleven years the motel and washing have been cleaned with environmental products developed by the Amway Corporation which has received many awards over the years for their environmental, organic, and sustainability achievements. Accolades such as "Cleanest in New Zealand", "20 year old bench tops look near new" "The showers are so shiny clean that I saw parts of me I haven't seen in years" have been shared, yet just as important to us is the knowledge that this is achieved with biodegradable products which do not harm our environment.

We put emphasis on the ability to recycle, and encourage you to join us, with the jovial brightly coloured bins which we manually sort and take to the local recycling facility, hoping to encourage more and better recycling in the region. We recycle as much of our own waste as possible, reducing the use of plastic wherever practical. AAA Marlin Motel staff chose their uniforms to be from eco friendly materials, finding they breathe, regulate better temperatures, look good for longer, as well as their environmental attributes.

Artworks in the motel units include those of staff and guests, some from recycled materials, such as polystyrene and calendars to great effect. We have restored a 1947 AJS Motorcycle which we use for some of our necessary journeys / running around.

Whilst we can reduce our use of the likes of electricity, gas, fuel, water, waste disposal, the real impact comes from what we can achieve together. For some, being on holiday, means taking leave of all responsibility. This unfortunately includes normally careful conservation habits of: turning lights, heaters and televisions off after use. We are suggesting that this is one area that we cannot afford to take a holiday from, if we wish to continue to have a serene, beautiful environment in which to enjoy our holidays.

Our fridges are left on so they don't have to work too hard to keep your food and drink cool. They are stocked with purified water and ice, from an eSpring water purifier, ready for a satisfying cool drink on your arrival.

We invite you to share some of your ideas and initiatives with us so that we may all learn and improve together.

Community Involvement and Responsibilities

AAA Marlin Motel is proud to support: The Kaipupu Point Mainland Island Trust conservation project Pest eradication will ensure the forest and native bird life will flourish and benefit the flora and fauna already present. This will also provide opportunity for the introduction of other wildlife species, increasing the value for public enjoyment. The restoration of the ecosystem and habitat on Kaipupu Point will enhance the cultural and conservation values of flora and fauna thereby enriching the experience for visitors to the region.

Kaipupu Point will benefit our local schools and provides a living experience to develop awareness and a sense of commitment to the protection and preservation of our environment. The sanctuary will provides a motivational and learning experience for students outside of the classroom environment with potential to develop an understanding and appreciation of the unique characteristics of different species of flora and fauna - right on Marlborough's back doorstep.

RGMA: Helping Picton's youth train and develop their potential

Picton Business Group, formerly known as Picton Sounds Paradise Picton Sounds Paradise has been the main business group in Picton for over 10 years working with the business community to develop Picton and the Marlborough Sounds.

Picton Maritime Festival and Longboat Regatta The ever popular Picton Maritime Annual Festival to be held on the Picton Foreshore. Once again there is a full and exciting programme of great activities: The Mariners Mall Longboat Regatta, an aerobatics display, a model boat show in the Echo, clinker boats, raft races with fabulous prizes to be won, a para gliding display and the Crow Fishing Club fish auction, as well as musical entertainment.

The management of AAA Marlin Motel, has had a long history of standing up and taking responsibility within the local community and as a part of the whole tourism industry. Currently Karen has been on the Marlborough Motel Association for the seven years in various capacities whilst Pete is the immediate past president with four years service directly to the Association.

Pete is currently involved with the local Picton Water Supply Working Group working with the Council to consider water supply issues for the future, starting today.

HOST Accommodation Group - Hosting is our business.

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